Unedged lumber

Unedged lumber is a product that results from a single cut of wood, making it extremely versatile and flexible in applications. At Bradro Sawmill in the vicinity of Białystok, we provide our clients with the freedom to tailor the lumber to specific projects. A popular application is its use for fence panels, but that is just one of many possibilities.

We offer high-quality unedged lumber

We supply unedged lumber to the exact dimensions our clients need. This means that whether you need short lengths of lumber for a small project or long planks on a larger scale, we can accommodate your needs. Additionally, we offer the option of drying bulk quantities of lumber, allowing us to deliver excellent quality wood, ready for use.

The standard thickness of unedged lumber is 25mm and is available the quickest. However, if you need lumber of different thicknesses, we can adjust to your needs!

What types of wood do we offer?

In our offer, you will find various types of wood. We standardly offer unedged lumber from pine, but upon your request, we can supply wood from other species, such as spruce, birch, alder, or aspen. This ensures that you will find the perfect wood for your project with us.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer

By choosing unedged lumber from Bradro Sawmill, you opt for excellent quality, flexibility, and customization to your needs. We are ready to meet your requirements and provide you with wood that will meet all expectations. Contact us and start creating your projects with the best wood on the market!

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