A rafter is one of the key elements in wooden roof constructions, serving as the foundation for roofing materials such as metal roofing or shingles. Its role in roof construction is extremely important, as it carries loads and maintains the shape of the roof. For this reason, choosing the right material and quality of rafters is of great significance.

Why choose rafters available at Bradro sawmill?

Located near Białystok, Bradro Sawmill is the place where you can order the highest quality rafters. We ensure that our products are made from wood sourced from verified suppliers. We mainly offer wood from pine and spruce species, which are valued for their durability and strength. We also offer the possibility of preparing custom-sized rafters, tailored to the individual needs and projects of our Clients. This ensures that the components will meet all the requirements of your construction project.

Custom structural elements to meet your needs

An additional option we offer is dip impregnation. Thanks to this process, the wood becomes more resistant to atmospheric conditions, such as rain, snow, or UV radiation. Dip impregnation extends the lifespan of the rafters and helps maintain their excellent condition for many years.

It’s worth noting that a rafter is not only a structural element but also an aesthetic one. Properly finished rafters can be an important part of the roof’s arrangement, adding charm and style. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the rafters are made from the best wood and are properly protected.

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Bradro Sawmill guarantees quality and professionalism. Our rafters provide a solid foundation for the roof, ensuring not only safety but also an aesthetic appearance. Trust us and use our services to be sure of high-class solutions.

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