Ongoing Collaboration

We are pleased to present our offer for ongoing collaboration with the Bradro sawmill, which has been successfully operating in the timber, construction, and furniture markets in Białystok and other locations for many years. Our company is a reliable partner, providing high-quality wood and caring for individual needs and timely deliveries.

Why Choose Us?

Our long-standing presence in the market has allowed us to cooperate with many reputable companies in the timber, construction, and furniture industries in Poland. We are proud of our rich portfolio of clients with whom we have maintained a fruitful relationship for over 15 years. The trust of our partners is extremely important to us and is the result of an honest approach and cooperation “through thick and thin.”
The Bradro sawmill supplies timber and construction depots in various regions of Poland. An additional service we offer is the possibility of lumber drying. We have drying kilns with a total processing capacity of about 800m3 of dried lumber per month. We appropriately adjust the final moisture content, allowing for the delivery of the highest quality products.
Moreover, our company offers the possibility of immersion impregnation, which plays a significant role in many wood applications. Thanks to this process, the material can be protected against harmful factors, increasing its durability and strength.

Choose a Proven Wood Supplier

We invite you to establish ongoing cooperation with the Bradro sawmill, which guarantees high-quality wood deliveries, punctuality, and an individual approach to each client. It is worth contacting us to talk about your needs and expectations.

Our offer