Battens and Counter Battens

Bradro Sawmill in the vicinity of Białystok offers battens and counter battens, which are an essential element of every solid and durable roof. We propose high-quality wooden products that play a key role in the entire structure, providing not only stability but also long-lasting durability. We invite you to explore our offer!

What are roof battens and counter battens used for?

Battens are thin strips that are placed on the roof structure at equal intervals. They serve as a base for the roofing material, such as tiles or metal roofing. They create a uniform surface on which the roofing material is placed, ensuring its even support and the drainage of rainwater.

Counter battens, on the other hand, are elements that complement the roof structure; they are placed under the battens. Their main function is to maintain the proper slope of the roof and to ensure ventilation between the roofing material and the roof deck, which helps to avoid moisture and potential condensation problems.

What battens and counter battens can you order at Bradro Sawmill?

  • Dimensions of available battens and counter battens are: 50×40 mm, 60×40 mm, 25×50 mm
  • We also offer various lengths to adapt to your roof project. Available lengths are 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m, and 4 m, allowing for flexibility and precise adaptation to your needs.
  • Our battens and counter battens can undergo dip impregnation, which further increases their resistance to moisture, insects, and other atmospheric factors. This ensures that your roof will retain its properties and aesthetic appearance for longer.
  • Our products are available in two types of wood: pine and spruce.

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Trust Bradro Sawmill – choose our roof battens and counter battens to provide solid and durable foundations for your roof. We are ready to supply you with the highest quality materials that will help you realize your construction project.

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