Kiln-dried lumber

We are pleased to present our offer of kiln-dried lumber, which is an excellent choice for customers seeking high-quality wood. Our company, Bradro Sawmill in the Białystok area, will provide you with a product that meets all expectations.

Kiln-dried Lumber – How Is It Made?

Our kiln-dried lumber undergoes a drying process in fully automated drying chambers. It is thanks to this that we ensure the optimal quality of the final product. Control over the drying process is crucial, as it allows us to achieve uniform wood moisture. In this way, we eliminate the risk of deformation or cracking, making our lumber not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Choose Kiln-dried Lumber from Bradro Sawmill

As a lumber manufacturer, we attach great importance to the quality of raw materials. Our wood comes from verified sources, which means we care about maintaining ecological balance in the process of obtaining timber. The drying process also allows us to preserve the natural characteristics of the wood while eliminating moisture. Thanks to this, our lumber is perfect for various applications.
The offer includes lumber of various profiles and sizes, tailored to the individual needs of customers. Whether you need wood for building furniture, constructing a house, or other projects, you will find the perfect solution with us. Our drying facilities have a total capacity of about 300m3 of lumber, which means we can meet even larger orders.

We Encourage You to Contact Us

Trust our experience and the quality of our products. By choosing kiln-dried lumber from Bradro Sawmill, you invest in durable, aesthetic, and ecological wood that will meet your expectations. We invite you to contact us and take advantage of our extensive offer.

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