Impregnated lumber

Bradro Sawmill near Białystok is a reputable lumber manufacturer. We offer not only high-quality products but also comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of our Clients. We invite you to explore our offer of impregnated lumber, which raises the bar in terms of durability and environmental friendliness.

What characterizes impregnated lumber?

Impregnation provides our products with exceptional resistance to weather conditions, insects, fungi, and other external factors. Whether you need wood for garden furniture constructions, decking, or building, our impregnated lumber will meet your expectations.
We use the Kuprafung P Premium impregnant, which is not only effective in ensuring durability but also environmentally friendly. At Bradro, we care about ecology, which is why we use an impregnant that does not harm nature. As a result, our impregnated lumber serves users for many years while having no negative impact on the natural environment.

Bradro – impregnated lumber for your needs

Our offer includes various sizes and profiles of impregnated wood to meet your individual needs. Whether you need planks, beams, or other products from impregnated lumber, you can order all these items at Bradro. By choosing our impregnated lumber, you invest in durable, weather-resistant, ecological solutions that will serve both you and our planet.

Our offer