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We invite you to discover our wide range of sawmill products that will meet all your wood-related needs. Our company has been providing solid and high-quality solutions for years to customers who value durability and reliability. Check our offer now and take advantage of the excellent quality of sawmill products.

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Bradro Sawmill

Bradro Company was founded in 1998, and since then, we have managed to collaborate with the largest companies in the wood industry in Poland and Europe. We are a sawmill that supplies wood to both larger recipients in the furniture and construction industries and to individual customers (e.g., roof trusses for construction). Our strengths include:
– Timeliness of order fulfillment;
– Cooperation “through thick and thin” – we never forget about our regular customers, even when we currently have better offers;
– Certified wood of certain origin (from State Forests);
– The quality of lumber refined over more than 20 years of experience;
– Individual approach to the customer;
– Delivery of material to the customer;
– We are able to meet large orders;
For several years, we have been managing our waste (sawdust) and producing briquettes and pellets from it. These are some of the cleanest and most eco-friendly fuels.

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